Suzi Zimmerer 
Sea Tree of Harbor Line
Vintage map, watercolor, pencil, ink,cut paper
10"x 7", unframed
$ 275
Oil pastel on paper
20" x 13", unframed
$ 375
6 A.M.
Oil pastel on paper
22" x 16", unframed
Price: $ 375
Monoprint in acrylic
15" x 6", unframed
$ 200
Looking for Latour
Ink and watercolor
on vintage book page
6" x 4", unframed
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Artist Statement:

If, as Joan Didion has said, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live", do we also draw ourselves pictures in order to live?
Well, sure!
Drawing, paper-cutting, painting, relief-printing, stenciling, collaging, and sometimes sewing, are the techniques I use to express the color of drama, the tonality of time, the edges of emotion, and the shapes of histories.
Viva la narrative!