Nancy Gordon Moore
Mixed Media on Canvas
48" x 60"
A Deepening Veil
Mixed Media on Cradled Panel
36" x 36"
Miles Apart
Mixed Media on Canvas
60" x 36"
Electric Moonlit Garden
Original Print on Aluminum
20" x 20"
The Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland
Print on Aluminum
14" x 18"
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Artist Statement:

I am a Louisville painter who approaches my abstract paintings as if I am embarking upon a jazz riff: each stroke takes on its own lyrical quality, and colors combine to create powerful harmonies in each work. Evolving from more formal landscape compositions in the past to more recent works that channel the expressive power of abstract strokes, my paintings maintain a tangible physicality. It is as if each work bears its own unique texture that has resulted from a spontaneous interaction with the surface.


After a 40-year career as a clinical psychologist, I retired, returned to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and recommitted myself to a career as an artist. Since this major shift in 2018, I have enjoyed the showcase of my work at the Louisville Visual Arts “Open Studio Weekend” Exhibit (2018 and 2019) and in Studio Visit Magazine Vol. 46.