Jana John
Cat Mask Yipes Stripes
7” x 12”
Spirit Animal Totem Chair
5” x 5” x 16”
Clay and Wood
Cat Mask Ready Freddie
Approximately 10” x 10”
Bar Babes Series
Each Bar Babe is approximately 7” x 18”
Clay and Mixed Media
$125 each
Jungle Jester
24” x 24”
Clay and Raffia
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Artist Statement:


I use clay in an unusual way — to create colorful, whimsical, wacky masks and other pieces.  I make masks because I am fascinated by them — their aura of mystery and transformation.  Masks let us become someone else, or allow us to be our true selves through anonymity.


My subject matter often involves cats. I love these fascinating creatures, and I try to capture their personalities in my artwork.


I chose red clay as my medium because, when I work with it, I feel a connection to the red dirt I played in on the Oklahoma farm where I grew up. It apparently left permanent stains.


My work is meant to be a humorous yet heartfelt tribute to the art traditions that influence me. These include Native American and African art and the work of Picasso.


I’m all about creating smiles. When my zany masks bring a smile or chuckle to the viewer, they are doing what they were intended to do.