Barbara Ketcham
Best of All Worlds
Oil Painting
18"h x24"w
New Age
Oil Painting
11"h x 14"w
Still Standing
Framed Oil Painting
20"h x 24"w
Oil Painting
30"w x 30"h
Oil Framed in Gold Plein Aire
16"h x 20"w
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Artist Statement:


Peace. Color. Joy. Patience. More Peace.

My background in commercial art has led in a long and circuitous route to finally giving in to my curiosity of color and light through oil paints.  Painting takes me away from distractions and into a place of focus and balance; creating the colors, observant of the light source, recognizing details that would have otherwise been overlooked.


It is a continual trial-and error, work-in-progress. Each hopeful attempt creates a new teaching moment that I hope will help to convey the joy and satisfaction that painting brings to me.